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Welcome to KHQ Lost & Found Pets Post!
How does it work?
Post photos & descriptions of a lost or found pet, or browse photos of pets posted by others.

What if someone posts a photo of my lost pet - how do I get in contact with people who've posted things here?
Use the comments feature to contact people. Check back often for comments if you have posted a photo.

What if my lost pet is found and I don't need my photo up here anymore?
Please post a comment on your photo indicating that your lost pet has been found, including the date of your reunion.

Is this a contest?
No, this post is designed to be a virtual bulletin board for lost or found pets.

Will my pet photos be on TV?
KHQ reserves the right to use any photos uploaded via this post on our broadcast channels should we so choose.

Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service (SCRAPS)
Spokane Humane Society

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KHQ Lost & Found Pets Post

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